pickle jar is gorgeous high‑resolution images of everyday India. Note: All images were obtained from picklejar while under CC0 license.

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Close up of unknown species of frog or toad
Stork taking flight in black and white
Lesser flamingoes in flight with hazy background
Pelicans eating by the water
Barred Jungle Owlet sitting on branch in the forest
Asian paradise flycatcher sitting on a branch
Two pied avocets taking flight over water
Flock of lesser flamingoes in the water
Flock of lesser flamingoes taking flight
Rufous-necked Hornbill against blue sky
Little egret wading in water
Great hornbill in flight in forest
Black-chinned laughing thrush on mossy branch
Flock of pelicans taking flight
Tawny fish owl sitting in a tree in the forest
Flock of demoiselle cranes
Peacock fanning his tail in the forest
Flock of lesser flamingoes in the water
Peacock seen through his feathers
Three ashy woodswallows sitting on a line
Blue-bearded bee-eater sitting in the rain
Sarus crane in green foliage
Two pink lesser flamingoes with beaks in water
Spinner dolphin swimming in the ocean
Tiny crab in the sand
Baby olive ridley turtle on orange sandy beach
Frog sitting on leaf during monsoon
Shrub frog sitting on a leaf
Tiger in the forest
False malabar gliding frog on leaf
An Olive ridley hatchling reaches the sea from its nest site along the beach.
Family of asiatic wild lions
Giant malabar squirrel in tree in forest
Silhouette of Indian elephant at sunset or sunrise
Mother Indian elephant leading two baby elephants
A herd of chital deer drinking from water
Asiatic lion cubs in Gir National Park
Close up of face of Indian elephant
Green chameleon on the road side

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