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Indian man with shop selling many sea shells  in Guwahati in Assam in India
Indian bees nest under eaves of building in Rajasthan, India
Large bees nest hanging from tree
Fans made out of peacock feathers on sale in Kerala
Colourful peacock feathers
Close up of yellow silk cocoons
Yellow silk worm cocoons in basket
Silk worm cocoons being boiled in water
Close up of silk worms eating mulberry leaves
A hive full of honey bees
Man pointing to honey bees in beehive
Close up of honey bees in bee hive
Man examining honey bees in beehive
One colourful peacock feather
Colourful peacock feathers
Colourful peacock feathers
Colourful peacock feathers
One colourful peacock feather
Moths emerging from silk worm cocoons
Silkworm cocoons in basket

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