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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes but you must only use the photographs under their license terms.
No. Photographs and videos may have been taken without permission from the model, brand or property featured. Anipixels will not be held responsible for any legal issues arising from your use of the material. See full license terms here.

We have two licenses:

For more information read our license page.

Yes, it’s no problem to edit a photo, add text, add filters or modify it in any other way. However, photo credit must still be given if the photo license is CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Only the photos licensed under Creative Commons Zero (CC0) may be used for any purpose, including commercial without seeking permission. However, depicted content may still be protected by trademarks, publicity or privacy rights. Read our license page for more.

Anipixels gives permission for its own photos to be used by media outlets if the purpose is to inform or protect animals. The photo source is listed on each individual photo page.

No. Redistribution or sale on another stock photo site or wallpaper platform is not permitted.

The majority of photos are taken in India. Location if known is displayed with each photo or video. However, photos and videos taken outside India have been included when they are believed to be useful to our users e.g. a photo of a street dog from another part of Asia that has similar appearance to an Indian street dog.

Photos and videos that depict slaughter, violence, excess blood, extreme injuries and other sensitive content are placed in a separate category and must be viewed with caution. Some viewers may find the material disturbing. This category is not searchable via the main search bar.

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By providing free photos and videos, Anipixels and our volunteer contributors help thousands of people create media to inform, help and protect India's animals.

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