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White stray street dog lying on a sandy orange beach
Close up of eye of farmed buffalo tied up on urban buffalo dairy farm in Maharashtra, India, 2017
Painted elephant used for entertainment tourist ride walking on street in Ajmer
Tortoiseshell and white street cat wtih fish at Sassoon docks
Street dog with big orange eyes looking up on the road
Indian cockerel or rooster chicken with artificially extended blue background, India
Indian pigeon bird in urban city in India
Free range chicken in a rural village in Bihar in India with green background
Photo of Indian cow or bullock walking along a narrow street in the town of Pushkar in Rajasthan in India in black and white
Orange Indian stray or street dog yawning on beach with blue sky background in Maharashtra, India
White pet dove or pigeon in Mumbai with blue sky background
Ginger orange stray street cat looking at camera
Flock of pigeons flying with blue sky background
Close up of face of white bullock used for animal labour
Indian cattle egret flying with blue sky background
Person or human holding paw of cute pet dog in hand with blue background
Black goat with blue ribbon in village in rural Bihar
Small baby brown Munia bird sitting in hand of person, India
Volunteer animal rescuer girl holding a pale brown street puppy in her arms
Indian stray or street dog sleeping on a bench in the street in the town of Pushkar in Rajasthan in India
Photo of small grey Indian sparrow bird sitting on dish, India
Close up of sad grey elephant eye with tear
Cow on the beach in Goa, India
Photo or white or grey horse kept on a farm used for animal labour in the Himalayan mountains near Leh in Ladakh in India
Fish gasping through hole in blue and green fishing net
Green Rose Ringed parakeet bird held captive illegally in metal cage - see description below
Close up of nose of brown baby goat with heart shaped brown nose
Small cute white street kitten sitting on grey pavement
Dark silhouette of  cows on the beach at sunset in Goa, India
Peacock bird in green grass

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