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Close up of white cow licking nose
Close up of Indian broiler chickens stacked in cages outside a small chicken shop in Jaipur, India, 2022
Street cat at Kochi fishing harbour in Kerala with blue wall background
Many Indian street or stray pariah dogs on the road in urban city in Maharashtra, India, 2022
Young woman or animal rescue volunteer holding paw of Indian stray dog or street dog, India
Indian cow or bull with large horns sitting on the beach in Maharashtra, India with blue sky background
Indian street cow or bullock in narrow street in the urban city of Jaipur, India, 2022
Donkeys grazing near Pangong Lake in Ladakh in the Himalayas, India
Indian urban or feral pigs in a slum area in an urban city in Maharashtra in India
Indian great egret waterbird standing in lake polluted with plastic and garbage, Ana Sagar lake, Ajmer, Rajasthan, India, 2022
Brown Indian street or stray dog lying on the ground in an urban city in Maharashtra in India
Exotic colourful lovebirds (Agapornis fischeri) in cages for sale as pets at market at Sonepur cattle fair in Bihar, India, 2017
Working bullock tied up with nose ropes in green field likely Khillari breed of cattle
Sheep with curled horns enclosed in a wooden pen on a farm in a rural village in Ladakh in the Himalaya mountains, India
Indian marine ocean fish gasping and suffocating while trapped or caught in tangled fishing nets on the beach in Maharashtra, India
Peacock crying in grassy field
Brown and white baby goat tied up
Person holding small dead Indian marine ocean fish on the beach in Maharashtra, India
Black goat tied up outside a mutton shop in an urban city
Free range chicken in a rural village in Bihar in India with green background

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