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Camel in harness used for tourist rides
male Indian robin wild bird Saxicoloides fulicatus in a tree with green background in Maharashtra, India
Indian urban or feral pigs in a slum area in an urban city in Maharashtra in India
Goats in the street outside mutton shops in an urban city
Mother cow licking her baby calf in a rural dairy
Small cute baby buffalo calf lying on straw in village in rural Bihar
Farmed white duck with yellow beack in a village in rural Bihar
Black goat tied up outside a mutton shop in an urban city
Indian sea crab caught in pink fishing net on beach in Maharashtra, India, 2022
Free range chicken in a rural village in Bihar in India crossing the road
Indian chicken or hen on sale in cage with feet of chickens above them at a live animal market on the roadside at Juna Bazaar in Pune, Maharashtra, India, 2021
Old Indian street dog or Indian stray pariah dog with scars on face, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India, 2022
Indian wedding horse or baraat horse used for marriage ceremonies showing the white of her eye, Ajmer, Rajasthan, India, 2022
Flock of pigeons flying with blue sky background
Small Indian street puppy or stray pariah puppy dog on the beach, Malvan, India, 2023
Close up of head of blue peacock with green background
Head of chicken panting in the sun at a live animal market at Juna Bazaar, Pune, India
Indian broiler chicken on chopping block with butcher holding knife at a chicken meat shop in a live animal market, Kerala, India, 2018
Indian goat wearing a sack tied up in the street in the urban city of Jaipur, India, 2022
Coloured chicks in cardboard box on sale at Juna Bazaar

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