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Close up of face of brown working bullock pulling carton city road in Bikaner
Indian street dog or stray pariah dog with blue wall background in the urban city of Jodhpur, India, 2022
Small sparrow bird drinking from orange water bowl
Indian street cow or calf in the road, Jaipur, India, 2022
Indian stray or street dog sleeping on a bench in the street in the town of Pushkar in Rajasthan in India
Baby calf suckling milk from mother street cow on beach in Goa in India
Indian street cow or bullock with horns in front of colourful pink wall background in the urban city of Bikaner, India
Brown and white baby goat tied up
Man handling dead Indian stingray fish at Malvan fish market on beach in Malvan, Maharashtra, India, 2022
Sad white chicken looking through bars of cage at meat market
Rooster or cockerel chicken tied up outside chicken meat poultry shop in urban city in Maharashtra, India, 2021
Indian mynah bird drinking from orange water bowl
Orange hen or chicken with dark background
Dogs used as a performing circus animals with acrobat in the Golden Circus, Maharashtra, India, 2019
Brown and white stray dog at a monastery in Ladakh in the Himalayan mountains
Close up of sad grey elephant eye with tear
Indian painted stork wild birds sitting in tree in Bharatpur bird sanctuary, Rajasthan India
Free range chicken in a rural village in Bihar in India with green background
Person or human holding paw of cute pet dog in hand with blue background
Small Indian street dog puppy or stray pariah dog puppy with blue wall background in the urban city of Jodhpur, India, 2022

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