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Stray street dogs mating in urban city in India
Volunteer animal rescuer girl holding a pale brown street puppy in her arms
Small cute baby monkey leaning on wall
Indian street or stray dogs mating in a tie in the road in an urban city in Maharashtra in India
Two Indian stray or street dogs mating in a tie on the road in an urban city in Maharashtra, India
Guinea pigs in a cage on sale at an exotic market in Nagaland
Small cute white baby goat with green background
Goat meat hanging up at a mutton shop with butcher
Coloured chicks in cardboard box on sale at Juna Bazaar
Indian men working as snake charmers playing pungi and begging for money with cobra snakes in baskets in Jaipur, Rajasthan in India
Cardboard box of three small abandoned street puppies in an urban city
Cobra in basket used for begging by snake charmer
White pet rats or mice in cage on sale at Crawford pet market
Pig meat on sale at an animal market in Dimapur in Nagaland
Roadside Indian fish stall or market with woman descaling fish in Pune, India, 2021
Stray street dog on road eating from garbage or rubbish
Large exotic reptile in cage on sale at Crawford pet market
Two black goats mother and baby goat in a village in rural Bihar
African grey parrot in cage on sale at Crawford pet market
Indian cow or beef meat hanging up outside beef stall or shop , Munnar, Kerala, India, 2018

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