Working Indian bullocks used for animal labour pulling cart on road in rural Maharashtra, India, 2021
Indian feral or urban pig mother and small baby piglet on the street in a small town in Rajasthan in India
Working Indian camel used as animal labour pulling cart with men and sacks along street in a town in Rajasthan in India
Indian horse or pony pulling a cart for tourist animal rides for entertainment at Table land in Mahabaleshwar in Maharashtra in India
Photo of working Indian camel used as animal labour pulling cart on busy street with traffic in the city of Jaipur, India
Line of Indian camels and carts at the Rann of Kutch salt marsh desert in Gujurat in India
Working bull or bullock pulling large heavy overloaded cart on road in urban city in India
Buffaloes pulling cart with logs and farmer
Bullock pulling cart along street in city
Horse pulling cart loaded with men and boys on desert sand in Gujurat
Bullock pulling cart with man along road
Bullocks pulling cart piled high on road
Two bullocks in the street pulling cart in black and white
One man sitting on a buffalo in a green field
One bullock standing in dusty field
Two bullocks carrying full cart in road
Two bullocks lying next to cart in field with woman
Two bullocks pulling cart in brown river
Bullock pulling man on cart in road
Camel with empty cart in front of palace in Rajasthan

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