Blackbuck deer in field
Flock of sheep in a field with a farmer
Indian woman with a cow and calf in a field
Goat in a field by a lake
Buffaloes in a field in Gujurat
Cows in a green field in Gujurat
Field full of cows and cattle in Gujurat
Bullocks pulling plough through a field with a farmer
Bullocks pulling plough through a field with a farmer
Farmer with bullocks pulling plough across field on farm
Camel with harness and rope standing in field
Buffaloes pulling plough in a field with man
Ponies ina green field in Himachal Pradesh mountains with blue sky background
Herd of goats in Ladakh with green background
Man sitting on top of buffalo in green field
Girl holding baby goat in sunshine with field in background
Many water buffalo wallowing in a lake with green vegetation
Two brown brahmin cows in field
Brown brahmin cow with rope through nose looking sideways
Brown brahmin cow with long ears and field

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